FOOD CHANNEL: The best shawarma in the world

I discovered Food Channel back when V-Mall was still VIRRAMALL. People used to flock to Virra to buy books at National, chinese food delights at DEC, comics at Filbars or Comic Quest, weapons at Squadron Shop (hehe), computers, electronics and pirated CD's & DVD's at the 2nd floor, the gaming arcades at the 3rd floor, music at Radio City and a whole lot of other things. The old Virramall was definitely a 300 Club-worthy place! I have a lot of great memories of it, and not surprisingly, one of the best memories was the... (drum roll please)... SHAWARMA!!!

Since I used to spend every Sunday morning at Virra with my family, I pretty much had shawarma every week. There were two sources of this gift-from-the-heavens at Virra. One was named PICK ME (or something like that) and the other was FOOD CHANNEL. They were both equally great (not just good, but GREAT) and every week I'd go through the same ritual. Those days are long gone and PICK ME is gone too, but I'm very happy that a dozen years later, Food Channel is not only still alive, but has expanded and spread to many other locations. As far as I know, Food Channel has locations at Greenhills (outside of the Theater Mall), EDSA Central, at the grocery on Pioneer Street, somewhere in Eastwood, somewhere in Makati (I think) and Market Market.


A Food Channel stall is definitely not a cool or hip "place to be". It is a simple, no-nonsense place to get the best snacks at low prices, which is why it is at the top of my list of 300 Club-accredited establishments. Actually, you could spend 100 bucks or less for a satisfying snack or light meal. Most Food Channel stalls offer a standard set of snacks:

Regular Shawarma - 60 pesos
plus cheese - add 5 or 10 bucks
All beef and fries (no onions and tomatoes) - around 80 pesos
All beef shawarma (A REAL TREAT!) - 90 pesos
Shawarma Rice with small gulaman (MY FAVORITE) - 80 pesos
Gulaman - P20 for a large one


Okay, I haven't tried all the shawarmas in the world and I'm sure there might be something better somewhere in the Middle East. What I'm sure of is that Food Channel's shawarma can't possibly be too far below the best of 'em. Nothing in this world is perfect, but Food Channel's shawarma is definitely close to it. Their sauce is my gold standard to which I compare every other shawarma sauce I try. Their beef is tasty but not over-flavored. It's almost always cooked well-done, but what I love to do is request for extremely-burnt-and-toasted-crispy beef. "P're, gusto ko SUNOG ha, hindi lang tustado, SUNOG talaga". Hehe. The french fries go perfectly with the beef and sauce. As can be seen in the summarized menu above, there are a few choices on how you can have your shawarma. My favorite as far as sulit-ness goes is Shawarma Rice. 80 bucks for heaven and a satisfied stomach! As far as taste goes, nothing beats the All Beef or All Beef With Fries, where you really get a good taste of the extra portion of beef, with no distractions from the tomatoes and onions. Each bite is juicy and unadulterated goodness. God help me. I want one right now.


Shawarma and Beer; man's ultimate creations meet at Food Channel EDSA Central. The beer is sold at around P25 per bottle, and the place is open all night to cater to the call center crowd closeby. There are a few tables where aside from the shawarma, you can enjoy the next best thing in the universe, San Miguel Beer. It is EDSA Central, though and even if they've cleaned up the place quite significantly, don't except anything that resembles classy ambience. And don't expect to spot hot babes, either. It's a good place to relax and enjoy some good food with friends, or to get a late-night snack before going home after a night of drinking. You can spend a whole night ordering 5 beers (around P150), getting yourself really full with a shawarma rice and a shawarma (80 + 60), and still spend less than 300. The 300 Club has spent quite a few nights gorging on food and beer there, and we've never felt any poorer afterwards.


I've been eating Food Channel's shawarma every two weeks or so for over a dozen years and I still love it. I've introduced it to a lot of my friends, and not one of them was ever disappointed. I can write about it all day, but until you actually have a shawarma in your hand, smell the roasted beef, pour the sauce, bite into it and taste the perfection, you'll never know what I'm talking about. Try it once, and I'm pretty sure you'll be craving for it again sooner rather than later.

Xerxes: Gusto ko ng shawarmaaaaaaaaa!!!

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  1. Where in Makati? and san exactly location nito sa EDSA central?

    -shawarma addict-

  2. Makati food channel branch is in valero st.
    cosmopolitan tower

  3. for franchise inquiry

    just email : fudchannel@gmail.com

  4. Very late reply. It's at the market (palengke) place at EDSA Central. Near Tio Pepe's, across Mercury.

  5. Si Food Channel talaga, di man lang sinagot yung tanong ni maria maldita, haha. Okay lang, masarap pa rin shawarma niyo.

  6. Masarap talaga Food Channel shawarma. Yung beef hindi malitid. But the secret is in the garlic yogurt (?) sauce. Wow, ang sarap ng sauce nila pwedeng isabaw sa kanin!

  7. For South people out there, There's now a branch in BF Homes Paranaque. It's on President's Ave., near the Tahanan Village gate, across Autohann and beside Copper Blue. The space is bigger than other Food Channel stalls, they have an air conditioned space and a smoking area as well.

    They even have an LCD television in the place and according to the owners, will be having free wifi available soon... making it a good, no nonesense, steady hangout place to have a hearty, affordable meal and a couple of beers.

  8. Food Channel's "very" secret yogurt sauce???

    Amazingly delicious...
    Me, my cousin and uncle goes to greenhills every week before it was renovated...
    Only for a couple of reasons, it is to buy pirated PS1 cd's and to eat... where else... =P

    For us, it is DEC's drinks and FoodChannel's ever famous shawarma.

  9. I went to Food Channel BF HOMES! The place, the food, the ambiance for eating and drinking is GREAT! and of course won't leave without eatin shawarma rice! thanks for bringin it to the south!

    FOOD CHANNEL ! Simply the best shawarma in the world!

  10. I want shawarma rice NOW!!! Good thing the one in BF opens at 7am!

  11. Yeah after jogging me and my friends go there in bf to eat shawarma rice and also they now serve breakfast like omelettes and pancakes, tastes good as well! you should try it JOYCE!


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